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Editing with Panache

EWP will help you prepare your manuscript for publication. You want to see your work in print, writing that exhibits your own flair, your own panache. Give yourself the advantage of a critique by a professional. Geoff Aggeler, founding editor-writer of EWP and a veteran writing teacher, is an acclaimed novelist, biographer, critic, and creative essayist whose works have received
awards and high praise:

One does not toss the term 'masterpiece' carelessly around, but it is a word that comes to my lips. For here we have not only a fictionalized segment of American history but also live and rounded characters who exemplify remarkably what the American character and destiny are about. . . A good read and fine literature —- the two are shown here not to be mutually exclusive. I heartily recommend Mr. Aggeler’s 'Confessions of Johnny Ringo' to readers who can reconcile thrills with intelligence and fast action with fine style.

— Anthony Burgess

All successful novelists know how to take their readers into the minds and hearts of their characters. Geoff Aggeler is such a writer as he masterfully demonstrates in his fictional memoir 'Confessions of Johnny Ringo’.

— Los Angeles Times


  • Horses of the Night won first place in the Mystery Fiction competition at the 2002 Santa Barbara Writers Conference.
  • Nobler in the Mind was runnerup in the 1998 competition for Best Book in Shakespearean Studies sponsored by the University of Delaware Press.
  • "The Born Again Runner” was a finalist in the 1982 Nelson Algren short fiction competition sponsored by Chicago Magazine.
  • "The Fire” was listed as one of "Outstanding American Mystery Stories of 1997” (Best American Mystery Stories of 1998, Houghton-Mifflin)