Satisfied Clients

"With skill and insight, Geoffrey Aggeler offered a meticulous, line by line edit of my manuscript, contributing significantly to a finished product which became a published novel. He went beyond returning spelling and punctuation corrections promptly, adding detailed suggestions as to how I might better structure my ideas for a smoother story line.

Geoff's body of work as a writer is reflected in his beautifully-crafted short stories, critical essays on Anthony Burgess (Anthony Burgess: The Artist As Novelist), and novel, "Confessions of Johnny Ringo, " hailed as, "... a masterpiece, " by Burgess.

A serious writer would do well to enlist the service of Geoffrey Aggeler. I am indebted for his contribution."

— Roger Armbruster, Ph. D Author, "Three Marias: A Sicilian Story
Stony Brook, New York


"I have been working with Geoff Aggeler for nearly a year. Not only is he a superior editor who catches all my grammatical errors, typos and faulty word choices, he does much more. Geoff is a tremendous help in character and plot development. More, he takes the time to re-write passages and offers very constructive examples of how I can better tell my story. Because of his extensive background as a successful published author, he suggests approaches that might better please publishers and agents in the development of my work. Additionally, because of his own profound knowledge of the literary world, he can relate my work to that of successful writers by suggesting methods and techniques that have worked for others. I have had occasion to use the Spanish language, and even some German in my dialogue, and he has been able to correct some of my mistakes in those languages as well. Perhaps the most satisfying thing about working with Geoff is that he writes extensive responses to my work that are both instructive and encouraging. He is the best editor I have had the pleasure of working with."

— Ray Gonzales
Oceanside, California

"Geoff and I have been working together now for several months, and I am extremely pleased with his help. He is detailed, making suggestions for improvement, sometimes questioning my ideas, but always encouraging. As an 85 year-old, writing a memoir of her teenage years is no small task for both of us. I have to wrack my brain, and Geoff has to sometimes ask, 'Is this the way it really happened?' The book is progressing very well. I am so happy I found him. I would not hesitate to recommend Geoff to my writing friends."

— Mary McIntosh
St. Petersburg, Florida

"I am grateful to Geoff Aggeler, who helped me considerably with my forthcoming book WINTER SEEDS, despite short notice and a tight schedule. I needed someone to help me clarify my points and polish my phrasing. That's what Geoff provided—with panache."

—Georges Kassabgi
Wolfeboro, New Hampshire

"Geoff Aggeler not only lends his editing talent and vision to a book, he commits all of his knowledge and personal gifts to help make a project successful. In 16 years of journalism experience, working with Geoff has been one of the most personally and professionally rewarding experiences I have had."

—Don Hudson
Charlotte, North Carolina

"From my first conversation with Geoff Aggeler I  knew that he had the writing ability, knowledge of philosophy and literature and experience to make my book come alive. He is brilliant, his edits challenged me and he had a deep understanding of my message. Although my book is psychological non-fiction he not only got it but amplified the material. I highly recommend him as an editor".

—Dr. Linda Miles
Palm Coast, Florida

"It is difficult to express how fortunate I was when I selected Geoff Aggeler of ‘Editing With Panache’ to edit my first novel. Geoff, in his editorial duties, treated my book as one of his own. Without his help, input and encouragement I could never have completed my novel and I am deeply grateful to him for the hard work and long hours he spent with me."

—Walter Davis

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