Novels—EWP will help you prepare your novel for submission to an agent or publisher. Acceptance by either an agent or publisher is not guaranteed, but your chances of placing your book will be improved considerably if EWP has edited it. In addition to proofreading and line-editing, the editor will make suggestions regarding word usage, scene construction, dialogue, character discovery, mood and setting, pacing, and plot structure.

Short Fiction—Less is more, especially in short fiction. The editor will suggest ways to maximize the effects you want to achieve with economy. In addition to the services provided in editing novels, the editor will assist you in selecting significant details and pruning non-essential material.


Books—Book length biographies, autobiographies, memoirs, and other nonfiction works are welcome. In addition to proofreading, line-editing, polishing language, and reviewing organization, the editor will suggest ways to present the subject in intriguing ways that involve a reader.

Articles—The editor will assist you in organizing your material for lively, effective presentation in the type of periodical you choose (literary, consumer, recreational). Tailoring your presentation to a particular audience will be a primary concern.

Promotional Brochures—The editor can assist you in tailoring a brochure to market your product. Two brochures he authored on estate planning were used profitably by insurance agents representing major companies.


The editor will provide a comprehensive critique of your work. An appropriate fee for editing it will be determined by the needs/condition of the manuscript and the amount of work that will have to be done in order to make it camera-ready once the corrections are implemented.

Fee structure

The editor will provide an estimate based on the length and scope of the work. When the author has agreed to pay the cost of editing, he or she will pay 50% of the cost up front. The remainder of the fee will be due when the work is completed.

For manuscripts 200 to 300 pages: $1,800 to 2,200. For manuscripts 300 to 400 pages, $ 2,000 to 2,800. For 500 to 700 pp. $2,900 to 3,500.

The fee for stories and articles will vary according to the length. The normal fee ranges between $200 and $400. Manuscripts are accepted in Microsoft Word or Wordperfect or hardcopy. The editor works in hardcopy, and authors are encouraged to call or e mail regarding notes and ongoing critiques. Payments should be made by personal check or money order.


The editor will ghostwrite. Contact the editor with particulars regarding your project,